Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blog 5

Warm Ups

For warm ups, we've been doing sign language letters and perspective drawings.  The two point perspective drawing (pictured to the right) was difficult to do at first.  The roads would look like they were getting taller and taller and equal the same height as the building.  Eventually after a couple of times, I got the hang of it. During these warm ups, I learned new techniques on how to make my drawing look 3D.  You have to have 2 vanishing points and lines where the top and bottom of your building will be.  From there you connect them with diagonal lines and so on.  Learning this new technique will help me in my other drawings and will help other drawings look more 3D

Print Making

Final Product
Print making was really fun for me.  I created an original art from making a sketch of what I wanted, transferring it to a lino block, then from there carving out places i didn't want to have paint.  After that you roll block printing paint on the block and then just massage the print into a piece of paper and then you have your print.  It was easier than I thought and I like the end result.  
Couple of tries

2 designs
After we all finished our prints, we got to walk around the room and look at everyone's different prints and see how unique each one was.  Doing this and asking questions about each piece gave us a better understanding of the emotion that they wanted to show and the different creativeness of each student.