Art 2 Final Portfolio

Artwork and Reflection

How does the comparison of the two drawings show how you have grown as an artist during this class? Explain how this work shows the development of your art making skills. 
The comparison between the first drawing of a hand we ever did and the one I drew today is major.  Comparing these two drawings shows the development of my art making skills.  I learned proportion and shading.  I've also learned value and how to use everything properly with the right amount.  Also another thing I've learned is you need a background.  You can't just have a floating object.  I think these two pieces really show how much I've grown during this class and i'm proud. 

Essay Questions

What is a media that you enjoyed working with this semester? Write about what the media was, explain why you liked it and give examples of work you created with it. 
A media that I enjoyed working with this year was acrylic paint.  This media was easy to use and unique.  You could make pretty much any color you wanted by mixing colors.  The paint was easy to work with because it was easier to cover a whole page with it and went on more smoothly than other medias.  A piece of art that I used acrylic paint with and is one of my favorite projects was my Van Gogh painting of a sunflower.  This was one of my favorites because the brush strokes and use of different shades of a color made the painting come together.  Another piece of work that I used acrylic paint as the main media was my emotion piece,.  It was called blue because I mixed different shades of blue together and just painted them on a canvas.  The brush added texture and the way the paint just coated the canvas is something I loved.  Acrylic paint is one of my favorite media's because the way it looks and because of how easy it is to use

In some of the projects you worked on this year you had a lot of choice about what direction to take and what materials to use.  Explain your thoughts on how effective this was (or if it was not) for you. 

For some of the projects, we were allowed to have a choice of what materials to use for our projects and what to do for them.  I feel like this was very effective.  To me, this allowed us to show our style and opinions easier by being able to do different things and use different medias.  If we all had to do the project with strict rules and all had to use the same material, it would get boring and people wouldn't be able to express themselves.  I like being able to choose so I can use material's I like working with and also try new things.  I also thought this was effective because you could do something that no one else had done.  For example for the space project, the theme was space and we could choose our own media and material and what we wanted to do.  This allowed everyone to show their idea of space.  Some people like me did outer space, other people did negative space and white space.  Being able to chose our own material and where to take it made things more unique and fun.

Discuss a project where you felt you overcame obstacles. What were those obstacles and how to work through them? 
A project where I overcame obstacles was the decorative sculpture project.  For this project I choose to use wire.  I had never worked with wire before but I wanted to make a birdcage so I decided to try wire thinking it would be easy.  When I started working with it, it was very difficult.  The wire wouldn't shape the way I wanted it to and it wouldn't stay where it was supposed to and I became very frustrated.  Eventually I figured out that I had to use thick wire for the shaping of it and thin wire for tying it together.  I don't really like the final outcome but I like the fact that I overcame not knowing how to use wire and the more I practice the easier it will get.  

What was your most successful project this semester? Describe the project and your work, then explain why you picked it. 

My most successful project this semester would probably my two into one project.  For this project we had to choose two feelings/emotions or two objects and make them one.  I decided to do two emotions of beauty and pain.  I wanted to do these two show that something may be beautiful, but can be experiencing pain at the same time.  I decided not to have any color except on the harmed parts.  I think this was my most successful project because I spent a lot of time on this project and at times I had to just start over and it was a lot of effort.  But it was worth it in the end because I love the outcome and wouldn't change a thing about it. 

Tie Dye 

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