Sunday, April 20, 2014

Color, Style & Fun

Color Project

For the color project, we were supposed to make a piece of art, with the theme of feelings and emotions, by using watercolor or acrylic paint. For my color project, instead of doing an exact painting of something, I decided to do a more abstract work.  I wanted to convey the feeling of calmness and chillness.  So I used different shades of blue in random lines to convey that feeling.  I like the texture and rhythm it has and how the colors blended well.  At first i didn't know what to do for the project.  I looked at ideas on pinterest and I thought I wanted to do a nature scene.  Then I saw an abstract painting and knew that I could convey more feeling through a painting like that than a more realistic painting.  I feel like I did good at conveying the emotions and feelings I wanted to come across.  This piece was creative and original.  I used my own ideas and feelings to convey my emotion and feelingsyou

Style Project

For the style project we were supposed to find an artist to focus on for this project, and Research and write about the artist in a blog post or present to the class,  We were to include a biography and style analysis.  The artist I choose was Van Gogh.  I choose him because I like the style and method he uses to make his paintings.  In his painting, he uses small brushstrokes with different bold colors to create emotion and feeling in his art.  Van Gogh's style of art was post impressionism and realistic.  He died at the age of 37 because of mental illness causing him to commit suicide.  For the other half of the project we were supposed to recreate a piece of work by either making a parody or using the artists style to make a piece of work.  I used the artists style to make a piece of work.  So I used small brushstrokes to make a sunflower.  While doing this project, I developed new art making skills.  I used Van Gogh's style that ive never used before and it was hard to do at first but after a couple of times I managed to recreate the artists style.

Fun Friday 

For fun Friday, we critiqued the pieces of work from the color and style project.  Everyone walked around and wrote down one comment about something they liked or a question they had about the work someone else did.  We also had 2 stickers; one to put on whatever piece you thought was most creative and one that was most original.  Getting to walk around the room and look at other works of art people made should how artists communicate through their work.  You could see the different emotions and feelings that were trying to be shown through the art and you could see the different styles people were doing based off of a certain artists but they made it their own.  

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