Thursday, February 6, 2014


Zentangles and original art.

Most of the time for my drawings I use an inspiration for my art.  For the zentangle pictured to the right, I used my room as inspiration.  My room has a European travel theme and I love Paris so I wanted to base my drawing off of those emotions.  I'm also pretty basic so even though there isn't crazy patterns on the zentangles, I drew simple lines that change patterns and direction.

Learning New Techniques

Already, I have learned new techniques and improved my drawing skills.  I learned how hard it is to draw an object when you aren't looking at it.  The pictures on the side show a drawing of the same object.  On the left I didn't look at it and on the right I did.  The difference is obvious.  I also learned different techniques with shading, value, and how to make
things look 3D.


Artists Collaborate

In art, artists need to share their work and receive constructive criticism to know what to improve on.  When artists share their opinions on a painting, it gives the artist new ideas and helps them with future works of art.  I've used the opinions of others by taking their constructive criticism and using techniques they liked in other drawings.  I also used the feedback of people around me when I'm in the process of drawing to ask them if something in the drawing looks okay. When artists collaborate, it affects their work.

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