Thursday, February 27, 2014


Two in One Project

For my two in one project, I drew a girl that was skinny, bruised but beautiful.  The theme to this drawing was just because something is beautiful, doesn't mean they're not in pain.  In this drawing the girl on one side of her face is flawless.  She has makeup on, her hair is pulled into a perfect bun; but as you look on the other side of her face, she has a black eye, a cut lip, and a bruised shoulder.  The picture to the right is the sketch/plan for the sketch, it isn't the final.  The final took time, reflecting, and collaborating.

Solving Problems in my art

Anytime anyone makes art, they run into problems.  Like creating the correct proportions, or making sure that shading is in the appropriate spots.  In my two in one project, I had to make sure the face proportions were matching and that her facial features looked realistic.  It took me multiple times to get the final just how I wanted it to look.  Whenever I messed up, I would you my previous mistake as a learning opportunity to not make that mistake again the next time.  I would try different eye shapes, different lips, different hair styles, until I got it exactly how I wanted it.  When you have problems in art, you can't give up.  You just have to keep trying and keep erasing and redrawing until you get it right.


During the piece of work to the right, I did a lot of reflecting.  Every time something didn't look right, I would start over.  When an artist is reflecting his/her own artwork, they notice things other people wouldn't because they know what they want.  Its better to not focus so much on what you see but what other people notice.  I learned that if you hang the picture somewhere and step back and look at the art, you get to see the big picture instead of areas that you don't think are perfect.  When arting, you have to reflect whether its the artist looking at it from afar or getting someone else to look at it.

Taking Risks

In my two in one, I took a risk by not doing a piece where it was obvious it was two in one like a horse head on a human.  Instead, I did a piece where there was two in one emotions and moods.  I took beauty and pain which normally don't go together and mixed them in a piece of art.  The work has a dark mood to it because the focal point is the black eye.  It surprises people.  Another risk I took was not including a background.  I felt like if there was a background, it would take away some of the focus.  I also only used color on the wounded parts of her so that they would stand out.  I took a risk of barely using any color.  When you art, you have to take risks sometimes to reach your full potential.  

The final outcome of the Two in One Project is...

Oil Pastels

During this week, we were introduced to oil pastels.  They are my favorite choice of drawing tools.  They are my favorite because they make the drawing look smooth and you can blend colors easier. 

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